I have known Tonia as a friend for 12 years and during this time I was amazed

by her vision and her creativity. I jumped at the opportunity to ask Tonia to work on my home and because I am not creative I asked her and her amazing team to take total control.

For most of the renovation I was not even in town, but Tonia’s attention to detail and her meticulous approach to every aspect resulted in a home that is far more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Now, a year and a half after Tonia has finished her work I still love my new home. It has been transformed into a beautiful, tranquil place to show my friends.

I don’t know quite how to thank Tonia and her colleagues for this wonderful gift.


Barb Griesdale



Tonia and her team pulled off a miracle.

In 9 days Tonia designed and executed a beautiful bedroom complete with built-in closet, as well as a beautiful pantry and a exercise space.

She handled all the details, made sure everything was of the highest quality and was a lot of fun to work with. I can’t wait to get going on a new project.

Thanks Tonia!




After too many years of spending our daily work hours in your typical, white, Real Estate office we decided to spruce up our world with a little decoration, but felt we required some help.

We asked around and the name Tonia was the name that kept popping up.

Tonia transformed our work -day world into an oasis of subtle colour and with

The tasteful use of our furniture, together with some exquisite additions created an atmosphere of serenity.

Without reservation we would highly recommend Tonia Vuolo Designs.

Bart (Real Estate Broker)



In over thirty years of business dealings, I can say with absolute conviction that Tonia Vuolo is a person who exudes passion and purpose in everything she does.

Her sense of uncluttered design, sensitivity to colour nuances and overall feel for what is intuitively right is second to none.

Tonia is honest and hardworking, I seek her counsel on all my design projects and the results are always incredible.

Ron Kilius

President & CEO

Superior Medical (Canada)